How Maker’s Hit the Mark

When the folks at Beam announced plans to reduce the alcohol content of Maker’s Mark last week, a swell of indignation rose within me and I swore off Maker’s Mark for the rest of my bourbon-drinking days. This is Hershey swapping out cocoa butter for vegetable oil, I thought. This is Campbell Soup slipping me […]

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The Lance Armstrong Playbook of Image Management

His name alone has a mythic quality, a sort of confident sallying-forthness that – at least in my mind – calls up the image of one of the King’s good men riding forward into the wood, dark though it may be. Lance Armstrong. The myth seeded in the name itself, destined one day to be […]

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Taking Another Bite Out of the Apple

I was just sitting down to work on a white paper discussing the application of corpus linguistics to the field of legal interpretation when this news item appeared in my inbox: Microsoft, Nokia Fight Apple ‘App Store’ Trademark The purpose of the white paper I’m working on is to show how linguistic methodologies can bring […]

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Are Patients Consumers?

The folks at FrameWorks called out a recent article by Paul Krugman in which the economist argued – or railed, muscularly, as is his narrative style – against the notion of patients as health care consumers. “Here’s my question: How did it become normal, or for that matter even acceptable, to refer to medical patients […]

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To Convince or Persuade: The Evolution of Language in Fundraising Drives

National Public Radio needs to innovate their fundraising approach. After narrowly avoiding a defunding measure put forward by House and Senate Republicans, at least one NPR station — KQED in NoCal, the largest public radio station by audience size — is looking at ways to improve its fundraising mechanism. So, for $45 per season you […]

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