How Maker’s Hit the Mark

When the folks at Beam announced plans to reduce the alcohol content of Maker’s Mark last week, a swell of indignation rose within me and I swore off Maker’s Mark for the rest of my bourbon-drinking days. This is Hershey swapping out cocoa butter for vegetable oil, I thought. This is Campbell Soup slipping me […]

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Are Patients Consumers?

The folks at FrameWorks called out a recent article by Paul Krugman in which the economist argued – or railed, muscularly, as is his narrative style – against the notion of patients as health care consumers. “Here’s my question: How did it become normal, or for that matter even acceptable, to refer to medical patients […]

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To Convince or Persuade: The Evolution of Language in Fundraising Drives

National Public Radio needs to innovate their fundraising approach. After narrowly avoiding a defunding measure put forward by House and Senate Republicans, at least one NPR station — KQED in NoCal, the largest public radio station by audience size — is looking at ways to improve its fundraising mechanism. So, for $45 per season you […]

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